About GradsPad

GradsPad aims to simplify students' life on campus by offering a one-stop source of all campus information from professional to social within the institute and eventually among various institutes. GradsPad is a mobile application (available on both iOS and Android) that helps students during their campus life and also post their campus life. Alumni can keep in touch with their own cohort and also have a great opportunity to give back by providing advice to current cohort on varied topics.

GradsPad's App aims to:

  1. Help organize the busy lives of students enabling them to stay at par with the challenging course work and also help them systematise diverse campus events.
  2. Provide a social networking platform for cohort to interact with each other and also with their alumni. The ultimate aim is to build a network of the best educational institutes in the world.
  3. Create a knowledge base where alumni insights are stored and organised that provide help for incoming students on topics ranging from academia to social life